Our Story

HOI POLLOY is clothing brand was founded in 2015 based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Influenced by people lived in capital city who really want to break their routine and run their fun activity. In fact where we are is not from holiday city, but people here certainly not lost interest for doing holiday, as we presents.

We have formed a family of like-minded and creative individuals united by a shared passion to bring the spirit of how we live. We are evolving from range to range, adapting and inspiring future trends based
on the HOI POLLOY way of life.

The goods that we create are a reflection of the creativity that we surround ourselves with. We made graphic design with holiday vibes, national parks, and fun activity.

We put special attention to details and a specific focus on washing, handscreening & sewing. Unique fabrications and premium quality products is our concern and that will make our goods both look and feel good.

We assumed that everything of holiday activity is representative of youth, we assume like that until Skinny Jimmy came up. Claimed himself as tough old man cause he defeated Hindia ocean. Skinny Jimmy said to us “let’s go hunt and have fun”.

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